Lifetime Fitness: Stay Fit All Year Long with these Fitness Tips

Everyone must have an ambition particularly in fitness and wellness discipline. New Year’s resolution is what most of adults made every year. However, most of them end up not following their fitness resolution all year long and end up to only make short term resolution.

Now, how to make a lifetime fitness change and not a short term resolution?

Know your reason in making a change. If you need to lose weight, focus on losing weight and nothing else. If you want to lower cholesterol level in your body, then do not eat high in cholesterol foods. If you want to prevent chronic disease, then eat a lot of foods rich in vitamin C. So, whatever it is, it can be unique to you.

Be realistic in your goal. If losing weight is your goal, set a realistic goal, but divide your goal into weeks. If you want to lose 20 pounds then break it down into 20 weeks making you to lose a pound every week.

Make a plan that needs many steps. Losing weight this year may need you to (1) bring a snack to work to keep yourself away from vending machine, (2) turn off the television early so that you will not be tempted to check what are inside the refrigerator, (3) don’t be a couch potato, instead join a yoga class or simply go to the gym for workouts.

Keep track on your efforts. Whether positive or negative, write down everything that you did everyday. By doing this, you can easily monitor your progress and use this to keep you motivated. Keeping yourself liable any actions you’ve made is vital for your success.

If you lose track on your fitness program, you can get back immediately. A new change can be incorporated easily and not necessarily wait for another year for a New Year’s resolution. (c) 2012


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