Ultimate Survival Tips for Marathoners

If you want to get a decent finish in a marathon, you need the right preparation to your body for the huge physical strain. The following are tips to help you reach the finish line like a professional.

Stretching can keep you stay mobile and free from injury when in training for marathon. It can help anybody to relax and promote better blood flow. Your major muscles must be stretch including back of your legs, lower back and hips. Hold a stretch for 30 seconds to not only relax the muscle but also to improve flexibility.

Tracking your progress is essential in achieving short term goals and eventually reaching ultimate goal. Logging your progress could give you extra motivation to improve as you have the exact note on your best record. During the next marathon, you already have the idea on how to beat your personal best.

You need to warm down after training. The length of warm down will vary on how intense was your training. The harder the training, the longer warm down you need.

Make sure that you are properly hydrated. For any physical activity that would last about an hour, you need water to rehydrate. Drink small amount of water during and after exercise. You may drink 300 ml of water for every 20 minutes during training and then drink 500 ml after.

Drink water regularly especially when sweat rates are high or doing training in warm environments.

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