Strength Training Technique for Woman

It is now a common knowledge that several repetitions with lighter weights can tone muscles. But do you ask yourself if there is a more efficient way to get the outcomes you want?

Many women want a toned, leaned and long body and this desires are thought to be achieved by toning the muscles with many repetitions of exercises with the use of light weights. Many women want to tone muscles, which means they want their body to look better without making muscles bigger. They only want to sculpt their bodies.

More muscle is better than less muscle. Having more muscles burns fat, making you look better. Toning means not building muscle. Women who want to get tone lift light weights with many repetitions. This is a good idea or practice, but there is a better way to get the body you want.

Try to lift heavier weights and sculpt your body. As compared to toning, body sculpting is preferred by many experts and believed to be more effective method to change the body beautifully. Sculpting aims to reduce excess fat with simultaneous growth of muscle that makes you have a sculpted physique. More muscle built means higher metabolism, allowing more calories to burn, resulting to a better look and feel.

Many women worry that if they lift heavier weights it can make them bulky. Lifting heavy weights can cause muscular stress allowing the body to repair the stressed tissue by rebuilding it. If you opt to lift light weight, your muscles will not grow.

Women must not worry about getting bulky when they lift heavy weights. It is very impossible for normal women to get bulky look because they do not have enough male hormone testosterone to get big and bulky muscles.

Again, it is important to build muscle to achieve beautiful body. All you need to have is hard work and leave the light dumbbells on the rack.


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