Should You Continue Your Workout Regimen When You Are Sick?

There are times in life that you get sick and if you exercise consistently, you may wonder if it is fine to continue your workout routine. Here, Lifetime Fitness shares to you some tips regarding this scenario.

Perform a neck-check. If you only have a runny nose or sore throat then it is fine to exercise since these symptoms are categorized as above the neck. Always focus to your body and if your regular exercise routines are too strenuous, you may workout down a bit.

If your symptoms are below the neck, do not perform any exercise. Examples of these symptoms are body aches and stomach problems or diarrhea. Take a rest and resume if these symptoms are gone. If you have a fever, wait until your temperature return to normal before doing any exercise.

You can increase the intensity of your exercise when you just feel not like doing anything or in short you feel lazy. Exercise can pump you up when you are suffering from congestion or low energy. A brisk walk can improve your circulation to counteract that sluggish feeling.

Consider your gym mates when you have sickness such as cough and sneeze. Do not share them. Do not go to the gym when you have these diseases or any communicable disease. (c) 2012

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