Reasons Why Certain Songs Will Be Included In A Body Pump Tracklist

As you will soon discover when you attend your first Body Pump class that they will use many different types of music. The main aim of any Body Pump Tracklist is to help get you motivated to participate in the workout.

Every piece of music that appears on such tracklists has been chosen for a specific reason. The first piece of course will tend to be quite a slow piece this is there to help you warm up correctly to ensure that you don’t risk getting injured when actually doing the more vigorous parts of the workout.

As for the next songs that appear on any Body Pump Tracklist you will find that these have a more upbeat tune to them. The aim of these particular songs is not only to help get your cardio vascular system working harder but also to help you feel good about what you are doing.

If you are enjoying listening to the music as you do your workout then of course you are going to find that sticking with this particular fitness regime becomes a lot easier. The reason for this being that you are more motivated to stick with it.

Also as you listen to the songs playing you will find that generally they come with very positive lyrics. The reason for this being that it has been discovered that you will then feel positive about yourself and you will then find that you work harder as you want to achieve the goals you desire.


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