Lifetime Fitness Workouts at the Comfort of your Home

There are many reasons you can make just to avoid the gym such as bad weather, lack of sleep and others. However it is harder to make excuses when your workout equipment is just in the comfort of your home. The following are some tips to make perfect space for any types of at-home lifetime fitness.

According to health and wellness expert of “The Biggest Loser” Jillian Michaels, treadmill is important when it comes to cardio.

If you can’t afford to buy equipment, Michaels says, you can do jumping rope, jumping jacks and even marching in place just like what you did during your junior high.

Avoid the area with carpet when working out because it is not sanitary, says celebrity trainer and luxury gym designer Jim Ryno of New York. He says it is better to exercise with hardwood or high-end flooring.

Michaels suggests having an adjustable band or three different sizes of exercise bands for at-home strength training to help with varying resistance. She also recommends adjustable dumb bells and free weights. Michaels says that bands and dumb bells together with weight training can help you get in shape fast.

Ryno says he has a leather squat pad that is used on the squat bar for squatting comfort and it adds great visual effect when he mount it to the wall when not in use.

For those people who prefer dancing in trimming extra calories, Ryno suggests soundproofing a dance room is essential to a good workout for you to let loose and get into the music.

Michaels says that standard horizontal bars are not the only options when it comes to dance room equipment. You may have vertical bars, just like a pole, depending on the dance you like.

Michaels recommends having natural wall colors such as beige and ivory and hardwood floors. If possible get natural light from a window or if not, go with high-quality low lighting.

Yoga is everywhere and more people are into it lately. Also, more people are trying to do it at the comfort of their home.

The same with a dance room, it is advised to have a sound system, natural or calming light and natural-colored walls.

Michaels says that you may put a vision board in the corner of the room and plants for energy and life.

Michaels suggest using yoga mats if you have no money to get a floor covering.

Lastly, Ryno says that it is essential to treat the exercise room like the heart of the home. Keep it spacious and show it off. Meaning it should be always looks good and spacious. If you have a little room, have a storage closet for your workout equipment because as Michaels says, sufficient space is just as essential to a good workout as the fitness equipment itself. (c) 2012

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