Lifetime Fitness: Three Types of Weight Training Discipline

There are many options for you to choose if you want strength training. Sometimes it is hard for you to choose and you do not know where to start.

All you have to do is to know your goals and strategy. The following would help you decide whether to go for body weight, machines or free weights.

Body Weight Training

While body weight training is good for your heart, it is also used to build bigger muscles and increase strength. Bodyweight training is good for everyone who does not have time and money to go to the gym or buy equipment. It is also good for people who already experience injury because of weight lifting equipment machines or who frequently experience soreness. Bodyweight exercises can give you flexibility while improving the health of your heart. Bodyweight training includes sit-ups, pull-ups and push-ups.

The disadvantage of this kind of strengthening training is that weight always stays the same. Even though you can add weights as you go along, you put yourself to a high risk of injury. Bodyweight training is only advice if you are just started building muscles.

Machine Weight

Weight machines are very popular to bodybuilders or strength-trainers. The number one reason of their popularity is the high-powered support they give. Machines are easy to use and give support to avoid injury.

The disadvantage of weight machines is also the advantage. They are so supportive making you use fewer muscle groups simultaneously. As a result, you only burn fewer calories.

Free Weight

Free weights are the most preferred weight training discipline because they allow you to move naturally and you can customize your workout for your weaknesses.
The disadvantage is that they are very time consuming and sometimes can cause injury. You need also to know how to use the system to have effective weight training discipline.


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