Lifetime Fitness: Supplement-Free Muscle Building

Building muscle is always a challenging endeavor even if you are working out all the time. Some people become so frustrated and end up taking supplements. However, you don’t need supplements to build up your muscles. The following are some tips on gaining muscle in natural way.

The primary thing you must do is to select or choose the right type of exercise. Aerobics does not build muscle if you do not include high intensity exercises including push-ups, chin-ups, bench press, dead lifts and jump lunges. A woman can do those exercises also. Those exercises can’t get a woman bulky like a man and they only make a woman’s body lean and sexy. Those kinds of exercises should be your priority more than just plain walking or the treadmill.

Take time to just do simpler exercises when you are not performing higher intensity exercises such as bicep curls and calf presses. This can be done when you decide to take a break on higher intensity training or if you have a 5 minutes break.

You must start light training before doing higher intensity exercises. You can do all those exercises and workouts 4 times a week for an hour. You can do aerobics on days you are not performing weight training for an hour. Do not over work yourself. Just do the workouts and exercises slowly at start.

Another important thing for building muscle is healthy eating. Avoid foods rich in preservatives and other chemicals such as processed and junk foods. Your body needs nutrition which you can get in wholesome good foods to repair muscle and help your body function normally. Healthy foods full of protein are enough to build your muscles. You don’t need supplement and waste your money. Foods rich in protein include nuts, eggs, lean meats and beans. (c) 2012


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