Lifetime Fitness: Stay Fit, Healthy & Motivated

Knowledge in health is very important in order to live life to the fullest. Many tips are already out there and very easy to access. The following are some of them to help you stay fit, healthy and motivated that can be part of your lifetime fitness programs.

Pump-up yourself. Make sure to eat and drink water an hour before starting to working out. It is important for you to give yourself some slow-release of carbohydrates and protein. You may do this by eating nuts, banana and seeds. Drink two litres of isotonic water and herbal teas while on training to keep you hydrated and energised.

Get motivated. Approach every workout positively by looking-forward every session to keep you excited about it. Always expect a great session and your body will surely follow what is on your mind. You may keep a diary before starting each session; have a written-plan of your goals.

Know your sport. If your sport is powerlifting do a lot of bodyweight exercises. Powerlifting and cardio do not blend well, so it is better if you keep healthy diet to stay lean. Just add some brisk walking and mountain bike for cardio. At the end of every session, you may add some repetitions of kettlebell swings and overhead presses for your heart workout.

Get some rest. Don’t overdo your training sessions. While it is good to push yourself hard, training too hard will cause illness and injury. Always have a rest in order to give time to your body to repair and recover. Always give yourself enough rest, about 8 hours of sleep every night. If you feel you need a nap, do it.

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