Lifetime Fitness Routines for Modern Lifestyle

Many office workers gain weight because of lack of time to exercise. However, you can still exercise while at work. The following are some tips to lose weight while at work.

Stand when you have an opportunity
Standing once in a while is a great way to burn calories. You may move around while talking someone over the phone.

Swap coffee or snack breaks to fitness break
Office works normally have time for snack or coffee breaks. Instead of taking those breaks, take a fitness break. You may go for a brisk walk or you may do some stretching to distress. If possible take your office friends with you while socializing along with them.

Try Walking Going to Work
This is only ideal if you live near the workplace. You may ride your bike if you do not want to walk. It is a great work out for your excess fat.

If you often early in the airport try to walk
This is ideal to those who travel a lot. Try to walk and bring something that you can carry.

Meetings on the go
If you can have a meeting of your colleague while walking, do so. This is a great way to rejuvenate yourself as well as your co-worker.

Skip the elevator
Most office workers are now working in a high-rise building and if you are one of them, try to skip the elevator. The higher your office, the more calories you burn.

Communicate personally
Most offices today have intercoms for internal communications. Try walking towards your colleague and talk to them personally. It is also a refreshing break from boring computer screen. (c) 2012


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