Lifetime Fitness Quick Tips to Prevent Workout Injuries

Fitness goals can only be achieved by having healthy and strong muscles during and after workout. Here are some tips to protect your muscles from injury.

* Before starting every workout session, it is important to keep your muscles warm and then remove layers as needed.

* Never skip steps in training. Just take steps one at a time and do not rush things. Start slow in moving to the next level of your training.

* Keep hydrated by drinking water before, during and after workout. You may keep a bottle of water around you in order not to forget to drink water.

* Always practice proper form when performing workout routines. Repeating incorrect form is one of the most common causes of injury during workout.

* Listen to your body. If you feel pain during workout, stop and rest your body to avoid damaging your muscles.

* Take time to rest. Resting is just as important as workout. The amount of your rest should be equal to the amount of activity. One day of workout should have an equivalent of one day rest.

Those things mentioned above are just little things but will greatly pay off in the end if you follow each one of them. (c) 2012

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