Lifetime Fitness | Kickboxing as Workout Routine

Many years ago, kickboxing was only known as defense sport or routine and only professional boxers trained with it. However, kickboxing has evolved into muscle-sculpting and fat-burning workout routine. Many health experts also suggest kickboxing as a great form of cardio exercise.

Before starting training with kickboxing, it is important to get doctor’s clearance, especially if you are over 55 years old or have a medical history. Once you have clearance to proceed with kickboxing, be sure to perform it in gradual manner. Don’t rush thing to be like professional kick boxers. Keep in mind that they developed their skills over a long period of time.

Kickboxing is great as cardiovascular fitness and unlike other popular cardio activities; it works the whole body while hitting hard the core muscles. It also burns more calories than jogging or walking as well as provides more fun as you can perform different moves.

You can incorporate kickboxing in your overall lifetime fitness regimen. If your primary focus is kickboxing, do it anywhere from 4 to six times a week and if you are into a lot of weight training and cardio exercise do it 2 to 3 times a week for best results. You may also do it during your off days as your post weight workout. The duration varies on your fitness level. For unfit, it is advised to do it for 15-20 minutes and for someone who is really fit, 30-60 minutes will be the ideal duration.

Be careful when doing kickboxing at home. Fancy high kicks can be dangerous if you fall on the hard floor. For safety reasons, it is ideal to just do low kicks and punches. Just remember that you are doing kickboxing as cardio exercise not for self- defense. If you want to learn defense, get sparring partners.

After learning basic moves in kickboxing, you may do a lot of combinations as many as you want to add up some challenge. (c) 2012


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