Lifetime Fitness: Fitness Tips From Olympic Medalists

With the 2012 London Olympic Games just concluded, some of the world’s fitness experts share their fitness tips. While ordinary people do not train just like Olympians do, it is still helpful to learn from them how to keep workouts interesting and fresh, what they fuel their bodies for energies needed on their workouts and competitions, and how they motivate themselves.

sportTwo-time Olympic medalist Nancy Kerrigan prefers group workouts to keep her motivated and enjoy the workout such as group classes for weight training and yoga.

Two-time gold medalist Heather O’Reilly suggests recording workouts on paper. She thinks that a much better workout can be accomplished when you plan what you are going to perform. At the end of every plan you can see what you have completed and feel a true feeling of accomplishment.

Olympic gold medalist Kristi Yamaguchi stresses the importance of scheduling workouts. Busy schedules may result workouts a less priority but by scheduling workouts you make it as a priority.

U.S. water polo team member Lauren Wenger believes that boring is fine in regards to nutrition. If foods you eat in your breakfast are working well for you then there is no reason to change them. This approach may not work for everyone but Wenger says it works for her. She suggests everyone to go out from the box as something else that might work can be found and may eliminate boredom.

Heather O’Reilly also suggests the benefit and importance in keeping hydrated. Staying hydrated can help everyone stay energized. You can drink more water when you always keep a bottle of water with you.

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