Lifetime Fitness Approach to Build Muscle for Average Person

Most people who want to build muscle fast buy magazines with different tips on how to be like the people in the magazine. However, most of those guys just do not exercise much just like what you read. Most of them are just genetically gifted and never started training just like what they mentioned. Their routines are not effective to average person.

The following are tips to build muscle fast for average person to prevent physical and mental overtraining from doing too much at start.

Get more strength power. The stronger you are, the more muscle you have. Take a strengthening training. You may try weight training. It is usually good to everyone because it allows you to start light and adds you muscles. Start light and learn proper technique. As you go along, add weight to your bar and continue to push for your desired muscles.

Consider free weights. Barbells allow you to lift the heaviest weights. The more you put stress, the more muscles will form. Use dumbbells for assistance exercises. Do not use machines unless necessary.

• Machines can cause injury because of your fixed and unnatural movement patterns during exercise while free weights just go with your motion.
• Free weights can make you control and balance the weight allowing you to easily gain muscles while machines only balance the weight for you.
• Free weights are really cost effective especially when you plan just to exercise at home.

Don’t do isolation exercises. While isolation exercises are fine, they are not advisable for starting to build muscles. Exercises that hit different muscles at the same time are much better.
Exercise your legs. Squat and Deadlifts exercises hit your entire muscles. They work your body as one and allow you to lift heavy weights. Squat & Deadlift heavy weights are better than Biceps Curls.

Take time to recover. Pro athletes train hard 5 or 6 times a week but they did not begin that way. As a starter, you need time to recover yourself.

• Muscles grow while resting not during your workout. Start by doing full body workout 3 times a week and focus on intensity not on the time of exercise.
• Take at least 8 hours of sleep everyday. Growth hormone releases during sleep. You may take a nap after every workout.
• Drink water at least 2 cups each meal and sip water during workout to avoid dehydration and help muscle recover.
• Fill your body enough calories for recovery.

Eat natural foods. Eating whole foods give you many nutrients and fewer fats. Additionally, vitamins and minerals help in recovering.

Eat a lot. In muscle building, training is a primary concern than diet. Eat more for optimal energy.
• Don’t skip breakfast because you need to get calories from the start of your day.
• Eat after workout, especially foods rich in proteins and carbohydrates to help muscle recovery and replenish your energy.
• Eat every 3 hours to give your muscle a constant intake of protein, help muscle repair and recovery and boost your metabolism.
• Track your everyday intake of calorie to maintain weight.

Gain weight. You must gain weight to look good with your muscular body.

Take protein. You need 1g protein per pound of body-weight everyday to maintain and build muscle. You may take whole proteins every meal. (c) 2012

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