Incorporating Weights to Cardio Workout is a Good Start to Lose Weight

Like most people, the 46-year-old woman Elisabeth Graff already lost and gained excess weight many times. Graff said that she has an active lifestyle but still has a problem on her weight despite trying everything.

When she started exercising at the gym, she first tried floor aerobics. However, she did not achieve desired results. She then consulted to her friends and staff members including the mind and body coordinator of the Cox Fitness Centers, Mollie McGinnis. After that, she decided to incorporate weight training into her lifetime fitness routine. After a couple of months, she achieved good results.

Treadmills, ellipticals and bikes are packed during the busiest times in the gym. These exercises provide proven benefits. However, McGinnis said that the most effective program to lose fat is to connect cardiovascular workouts and weight training.

Graff already lost 54 pounds, dropping from a size 18 to size 14, since adding weightlifting routine to cardio workout.

McGinnis said that too much cardio is not good for the body without giving the muscular side of it because imbalance will happen. Cardio exercises burn more calories compared to strength or weight training activities but that calorie burn dwindles quickly. Meanwhile, after weight training, the body needs to repair muscles, which results to a longer calorie burn.

McGinnis added that a person can burn a higher caloric weight up to four hours after a weight training routine.

The body uses stored fats during muscle repair and cardio activity burns recently consumed calories. Graff said that incorporating weights to cardio workout is a good start to lose weight.

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