How to Effective Lose Fat While Gaining Muscle

It might be common to you that body fat could turn you into obese. So it can be good for you to shed all unwanted fats in your body to reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes, stroke and heart disease, and to get better into shape.

Getting rid of fat still makes difficult for many to do despite the advent of new exercise machines, diet plans, magic bullet pills and exercise DVDs. Some of the common reasons why fats keep on undermining your lifetime fitness are inaccurate tracking, poor techniques and bad meal planning.

Follow the right weight loss tips and avoid such health mistakes.

According to exercise science associate professor Shawn Arent of Rutgers University, people tend to believe that slow cardio is the fat-burning area. However, he says that cardio burns fewer calories than more intense exercise while it burns more fats as a percentage of total calories burned. Thus, you are totally burning less fat.

Craig Ballantyne, a certified strength and conditioning specialist or, notes that there are very few calories being burned every time you do slow cardio. He adds that metabolic resistance training is the best thing to do when it comes to this.

It is best recommended that you mix interval cardio with strength training to effectively and efficiently burn fat while working out.

Arent says that alternate short bursts of intense cardio step with lesser recovery time interval could have a similar effect on a cardio machine. During the intense periods, higher rate of rates is burned in the same way that the heart keeps racing while bending over after a sprint.

Getting rid of flab may require accurate techniques in order for it to become successful. However, dieters do not have the specific idea of the amount of food they are eating.
Ballantyne suggests that people should have a proper lifetime fitness plan with effective weight loss tips to stay on the right track for success.

It might be a good idea if you keep a journal to record the foods you eat and the efforts you take every time you work out. It is always best to have a game plan where you can go in when you are doing the work out. Record the steps you have done to monitor how much you have progressed.

A study reveals that people are likely to get better results when using a food journal. Taking images of everything you eat can be a good idea too.
You can lose a pound weekly through daily reduction of 500 calories. With both exercise and diet, make a dent in you calorie intake.

Moreover, it would be difficult for you to build lean muscle that helps you in burning fat if you are not eating every after working out. Arent explains that without refueling your body soon after you work out, other muscle fibers could be broken down to refill what you have lost during exercise.

A good solution for you to this is combining simple sugar with a protein after your workout.

One of the most effective weight loss tips is consuming simple sugars right after you have worked out to promote better lifetime fitness outcome. (c) 2012

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