How to Achieve Muscle Growth

Build Muscles

Eating plays a very important role if you want to build muscles. Be sure that you consume foods that are rich in protein to help your muscles grow. You should always remember that you need to eat first before you start your workout routines. It can be good for your body if you eat 6 times a day with 2 to 3 hours between each meal. Also, do not forget that you need to take in around 3,000 calories every single day before you think of exercising. Calories provide you the energy you need to lift weights and do your cardio routines.

build musclesWhen it comes to workout, you should be aware that rest day is very necessary for you to build muscles. You need to rest from your intense workout to allow your body to heal and repair the damaged muscles. Skipping rest day will not only damage your muscle tissues, it will also prevent the addition of muscle mass. You can workout for 2 days and then rest for a day and then workout again for 2 days. It is all about self-discipline.

Moreover, you need to eat fruits before you exercise. The nutrients from fruits can boost your body to start with the workout session. To effectively build muscles, you have to hydrate yourself all the time, most especially when your are in a intense workout.

Build Muscles


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