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The stomach is the hardest part of the body to lose fat even when in exercising and dieting. You can’t lose your fats instantly and there is no other magical way of losing it! But there is a way to lose your stomach fats in for weeks – combining certain exercises and intake less fatty foods for a successful program.

Again, it is not easy losing your fats in the stomach area. You need to follow the general principles for you to obtain a successful output – losing fats all over your body including on the stomach area. When performing cardio or aerobic exercise, it burns the fats that are present in your body. With this kind of exercise, it lessens your fats not too long and not too instant, not to intensive but just a moderate exercise. This will increase your heart rate about 70% from your maximum rate and enables your heart to carry on for 20 minutes or more.

Your body uses fats that are stored as energy when performing cardio exercises. According to a research, for better solution, it is advisable to perform an intensive of 70% of your heart rate maximum in aerobic exercises for about 30 minutes and at least 4 times a week.

When you have successfully burnt your stomach fats, the next program you must do is to tone up your abdominal muscles. Losing stomach fats is a prerequisite of toning your abdominal muscles, why? If you are going to skip the first step, the tone of your abdominal muscles will not be visible since there is a layer of fats that covers the abdominal muscles. What are these exercises to tone your abdominal muscles? These are crunches, oblique crunches and plank.

How to perform crunches
It is just similar to the traditional sit-ups but you are just going to elevate your body up to 45°. Before executing it, lay down into the floor with bended knees and feet flat on the floor. Lift your body for about 45° – you are using your hip flexor muscle rather than your abdominal muscles. While performing it, place your hands at the back of your head – this will assist your neck from lifting your body. Inhale every time you lift your body then exhale when you are about to return to the original position to avoid dizziness or even heart attack. Perform crunches for 3 sets and 25 or more repetitions per set.

How to perform oblique crunches
Oblique crunches are just the same in performing crunches but it differs when lifting your body. Oblique crunches require you to twist you body so that your elbow may hit your knee. When lifting your body, twist your body and hit your right elbow to your left knee and do the same to the opposite. This kind of exercise uses more of your rectus abdominus muscles which is front of your stomach.

How to perform planking
This kind of exercise is risky, never hold your breath when doing this and better stop if your back is aching while performing. Lay down your body into the floor – make sure your whole body is parallel to the floor. Then slowly lift your legs and your body and hold your position as long as possible. Don’t forget to place your hands at the back of your neck for support.

With these exercises, you will be able to discover that you have successfully loss body fats particularly on stomach fats. Remember to perform the first program, have a less fat diet and perform a cardio or aerobic exercise. After losing stomach fats, you are now required to perform abdominal exercise since it is now visible. Remember that losing stomach fats is always a prerequisite of abdominal toning.

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