Fitness Tips: Running for Beginners

You want to run as part of your lifetime fitness? Some rules should be observed whatever your fitness level. It is important to warm-up before every session, drink water before and after running, go slowly in terms of effort level, and do not forget cool down at the end.

lifetime fitnessIf you are truly a couch potato, your first fitness goal is to run for 30 minutes without stopping. It is normal that you can’t make your goal for the first time but eventually you can. Your body needs to adapt first to your new hobby.

It is vital to go one step at a time by increasing gradually the intensity to stay motivated. The technique is to alternate running and walking phases during every session.

For beginners, start the session with a walk for five minutes and run for about a minute wherein you can still hold a conversation (this is called endurance phase) and then walk for two minutes. Repeat the sequence for many times until you get a combination that you prefer. At the end of every workout, have a 5-minute walk to allow your body to get back to its normal state.

To quickly achieve your fitness goal, have a two 30-minute sessions each week. Just do your run-walk interval and then as you get comfortable with it, you can start running longer with less walking.

After a few weeks, the walking part of your workout should drop drastically. You will need one to two months using run-walk approach, depending on your fitness level and abilities, before you can run for 30 minutes without stopping.

Lifetime Fitness


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