Fitness Tips: Rep Ranges That Trainers Will Recommend For Various Fitness Goals

Have you wondered if you can build more muscle by taking more weight and decreasing the repetition?

This is a very common question.

fitness tipsThe following are repetition ranges usually recommended by trainers for different fitness goals:

• One to six (low reps): Enhance strength
• Seven to twelve (medium reps): Develop size and strength
• Twelve to fifteen (high reps): Builds endurance

If you are aiming to develop muscle size, 10 reps is a suggested target for you. Twelve or fourteen reps (12 or 14) is good for developing endurance more than size.

Muscles only grow when you put force on them, meaning you need to overload your muscles with more resistance. In other words, heavier dumbbells and heavier weight plates are needed.

Adding resistance means harder to maintain same rep than before, but this is just fine. Keep pushing until you get the suggested rep.

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