Fitness Tips From Nicole Scherzinger

Celebrity Nicole Scherzinger is such a busy lady. She sings, acts and judges the X Factor but she always finds time to workout and stay in shape. She revealed her fitness tips to Celebs on Sunday magazine.

One of the former members of famous all-lady pop group Pussycat Doll is not new to hard work, and that goes the same when it comes to her workouts.

fitness tipsScherzinger said that she should stay fit and strong to perform all the works. She maintains a trainer in Los Angeles to keep her motivated and they do a lot of circuit training and weights.

However, it is not all hardwork and no fun at all. It is a fact that staying in shape is enjoying what you are doing, otherwise you will give up because you get bored.

Nicole revealed that dancing really helped her maintain a sexy figure. She recommends dance classes such as Zumba, which she considers as fun thing to do while having a feeling of a workout.

She chooses exercise to match her mood. If she feels like doing yoga, she does it.

Her secret for her flat and well-toned stomach is an exercise ball.

She said that she loves the results she is getting with an exercise ball. She does sit-ups on the ball for her abs. She believes that her efforts to stay in balance with the ball really strengthen the core of her abs.

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