Do the Sprints, Lose Weight and Build Muscles

One of the most common exercises when it comes to losing weight is running or jogging. There are several health benefits that you can get from regular exercise, and they would surely promote longevity. On other hand, sprinting is often overlooked by many. What people fail to realize is that sprinting might be the best exercise in order to achieve your fitness goals.

Sprinting not only helps you strengthen your legs. It also improves the functions of your heart and lungs. It can help you build intensity and have a better body endurance. As opposed to the common beliefs, sprinting is good for the muscles. Unlike running and jogging, sprinting does not break your muscles down. In fact, one can build more muscles through sprinting to put you in the right path for lifetime fitness.

In just 10 to 15 minutes of sprinting, you have the same health benefits as jogging or running for 1 hour or more. It just shows how effective sprinting is for a short period of time. You can easily burn more calories and lose extra pounds as many as you like. Moreover, your body can release more hormones that can promote muscle growth. You could not ask for more from sprinting.

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