Different Push-up Exercises for Beginners

Many love to exercise with nothing to use but the body and still use multiple groups of muscles to have efficiency in exercising making it worthy of your time. Additionally, exercises that do not need special equipment left you with no excuse not to perform it. The following are different push-up exercises for you to try as you prepare for the next level of your lifetime fitness routine.

Wall push-up. This is a good way to start to warm-up your shoulder. With your arms straight, put your hands on a wall. Your feet should be positioned around 18-24 inches out from the wall. Keep your body stiff from shoulders to ankle and then slowly lower yourself to the wall and push back to starting position. Repeat the movement as much as you can.

Bench push-up. Put your hands on the bench and position your feet apart. Position your shoulders directly over your hands. Lower yourself slowly all the way down and push back to start position. You can lower the bench if possible to add some challenge as you get better.

Basic push-up. Position yourself into basic push-up position. Position your hands slightly wider than your shoulders. As you drop down, elbows should move out. To add some challenge, use a small ball. Place it under your chest and lower down yourself until your chest touches the ball. Rise to start position.

Hand Placement Variation. Position your one hand wide and the other directly under your shoulder while your head forward. The elbow of the hand directly under the shoulder should stay right next to your body as you lower down. The elbow of the other hand should move out as you lower down. Do this repeatedly and switch position to other hand.

Another variation is to put your hands forward with your thumbs touching. Also, you may place your hands directly under your shoulders. As you lower down, keep your elbows at your side.

Decline push-up. Place your both feet on the bench and your hands on the floor. Lower down your body and push back.

Unstable push-up. Place either your hands or feet on a ball. This could add some challenge in doing push-up as you try to maintain your balance.

Weighted push-up. You can do any push-ups mentioned above with some weight on your back. Put a stable object on your back while doing push-ups.

Try any of those push-ups mentioned above and have them in your lifetime fitness routines.

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