Creating Better Body & the Truth of Body Building

Lifetime fitness presents… The truth about body building is that you don’t need to have a genetic blood of masculine body to have six packs abs and body full of muscles. In short, there is no special body type needed to get ripped and buff.

A good body shape is an option. People just get skinny or have fat body because they do not put effort in exercise, they eat unhealthy foods or they simply no knowledge on how to improve their body.
Some people think that a muscular body is unhealthy and not normal. They think that to have a muscular body, steroids or performance enhancing drug is needed. Or they think muscular body involved overworking one self and it hurts to go through those intense training. These are misconceptions about the real strength training.

Replace Fats with Muscles
The first thing you need to know is that building muscle and losing weight are two different things. You can’t burn fat at the same time build muscle. Overweight individual lessen the consumption of calories and burn fat while bodybuilders eat more and consume more calories and good fats. The reason for this is that bodybuilders need a lot of fat during training since the body will be creating new muscle tissue.

Do the Math
So, if you are not overweight and just want to improve the shape of your body, it is time to think bigger and get bigger. You need to eat more. However, some people misunderstood this concept. They are taking it literally and start eating as much as they can. You should do the math by knowing your Basal Metabolic Rate, meaning your needed calories just to live everyday. Then add a set amount of calories to your everyday consumption. If you take too much calories, you develop too much fat and your body may not utilize it. (c) 2012


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