Cardio Burns Fat and Builds Muscle

One of the most common lifetime fitness goals might be burning fat to build muscle. However, this is seen by many as a difficult task since you really have to put more efforts on it. And one of the common reasons on why it takes so hard to achieve is taking the wrong fitness approach.

Actually, there are different information resources and views from fitness experts that make it more confusing. What is worst is that there are advices given that would just make you in trouble.
There has been an issue of building muscles and losing fat while doing cardio exercises. If you are new to exercise routine, I bet you should lay off a cardio routine for at least 8-12 weeks.

Prepare yourself through training and proper diet. You should be able to gain 20 pounds of muscle after doing this. Then you can add some cardio routines and begin with three week sessions of twenty minutes of moderate intensity steady cardio with no intervals.

For limiting the amount of stress or pounding on your joints, you can use a bike. But it is better for you to not go to those bikes that are stationary. Choose the real bikes that can tour you outside. One thing, make sure that your bike has a well padded seat when choosing a route to prevent any adverse effects on your sexual activity.

You should always be doing some kind of cardio regularly if you already reached beyond the level of beginners.

Again, do not limit yourself to exercise equipment indoors as there are still things you can do outside that are much fun anyway. You might try playing a sport, jumping rope, running sprints or dragging a sled. You can do these lifetime fitness routines at least three days for at least 30 minutes per week. Not only it gets you in better shape, it also strengthens your immune system to prevent a host of health diseases.

Cardio is often misunderstood. But this is really something that is very beneficial to people who are aiming to lose fat, build muscle and get stronger and bigger. It improves the quality of your weight training workouts as well as your cardiovascular system for better lifetime fitness.

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