Build Muscle Without Weights: Is it Right for Your Lifetime Fitness Routine?

If you do not have time or money to spend in a public gym and prefer to workout at home but with limited equipment, you may already ask to yourself if you can build muscle without using weights. Well, the following are some top things that you should consider to answer your question.

First, you must determine your current level. If you happen to be a starter, you will see much gain in building muscle without weights because your muscles are not yet used to the stimulus of heavy resistance training. But if you are a regular gym-goer before, then you only gain less because bodyweight training is no challenge anymore since you already used to lifts maybe up to 100 pounds.

Second, determine your goal whether you want to build up big muscles or just a small type of muscles that would keep give you a better body tone. If you only want to get muscles for your body toning goal then training without weights is good but if you want to increase the maximum strength of your muscles then you need weights for your training.

The more body fat you carry the more you gain muscle quickly because you can have more body resistance. However, the time will come great results would slow down and may even come to a full stop. Another factor to consider is your diet. If you are into bodyweight exercises and eat enough calories then you can build muscle fast. But if you have no diet plan, whether you are lifting weights or just doing a bodyweights, you can hardly gain muscle. (c) 2012


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