Alternative Workout Exercises Without Weights

Everybody wants to exercise for their own lifetime fitness purposes. And you might be one of them who are trying really hard to burn some fat and build more muscles to get in better shape. However, you might find yourself troubled on the lack of exercise equipment due to busy gyms or face financial issues. And if that is the case, then this article can help you to solve your problems by providing different exercises that require no workout equipment.

Bodyweight Training

Allowing you to workout anytime, anywhere, bodyweight exercises can help you get in shape without needing any equipment. You can do this at home or in a friend’s place you are comfortable of. You do not have to go to the gym and spend for a gym membership.

Chest Workout

Most of the gyms are found busy during Mondays. That is why it is perfect for you to work on your chest without equipment. Actually, there are different push up options you can choose from to build muscles on your chest without weights. They include spiderman pushups, close-grip push ups, off-set push ups, elevated push ups, decline close-grip spiderman pushups and the decline pushups.

Body Weight Workout for Legs

You might think that there are limited options for building muscles on your legs. But actually there are many of them. You can do reaching lunges and deep step-ups. You can also perform a high-rep Bulgarian split squats for advanced or with your front foot elevated four to six inches. For newbies, 1-leg lying hip extension will do.

Body Weight Exercise for Back

If you find the gym so full to the point that you can no longer touch a dumbbell for your lifetime fitness goals, then it is better to go to alternative ones. Through the use of blast straps or the smith machine, you can do underhand inverted rows or just an inverted row. You can also make inverted rows while place your feet on a ball or holding the ends of a towel hung over a bar.
In addition, you can do some exercises by using the pullup bar like side to side pull-ups, sternum pull-ups, chin ups and eccentric pull-ups.

You should be able to add these bodyweight exercises into your lifetime fitness routines without needing workout equipment.

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