Why chocolate for breakfast helps you lose weight: A myth – shattering medical study |Lifetime Fitness

Lifetime Fitness- New research says that eating dessert for breakfast helps in dropping weight and avoiding it to come back in spite of all the common sense representing the contrary. This is great news to the sweet-toothed people and chocoholics.

A group of scientist from the Tel Aviv University conducted 193 clinically obese and non-diabetic adults that went for 32 weeks. An equal caloric intake of 1400 a day for the women and 1600 a day for men was allocated in two study groups.

One group consumed a high-protein, high carb, 600-calorie breakfast that involved a 300-calorie breakfast.

And guess what? It might be quite impossible to believe it but at the bottom of the research, the group that contributed at the dessert-eating had dropped approximately 40 pounds more in every person than that in the other group.

A rare factor for these famous variances was concluded by the scientists. The body has the whole day to work off food that was eaten initial, and metabolism works more aggressively in the morning.
Physically and psychologically, carbohydrates are sustaining. And in addition, an afternoon of food longing can be very much avoided with the assistance of a surprise of sweetness first thing in the morning.

Now you can freely feel that bowl of ice cream and even that chocolate croissant with no worries to gain weight at all. So go ahead, indulge!

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