Trends on Obesity and Fitness for the Year 2012

We can expect that the number of overweight people and those who are prediabetic and diabetic will double by the year 2020. Studies show that teenagers in the United States are anticipated to die younger of heart diseases than those of the preceding generations since less than five percent of the citizens in the country enjoy good cardiovascular health.

Medicine professor Donald Lloyd-Jones of Northwestern Unviersity Feinberg School of Medicine describes the teens of the current generation as the unhealthiest in the history because of poor eating habits, high blood sugar, surplus weight, limited exercise, smoking and heavy drinking.

Nowadays, obesity has taken the spot as the leading cause of preventable death, outperforming smoking.

Below are the trends and predictions on obesity and fitness that we watch for the year 2012:

There is an expansion of lifetime fitness training in physical fitness facilities wherein holistic and comprehensive approach for lifestyle changes is involved.

Exercise has been described as an alternative and natural treatment since there is a continuous rise of costs in health care. Research reveals that we can gain health benefits from walking than drugs or stents in treating peripheral artery disease. Regular exercise has been found to have helped people maintain blood flow to the brain, preventing the possible occurrence of dementia. Even the hard-to-treat disease fibromyalgia is vurnerable to be treated through exercise. Also, researchers suggest that the level of the risk associated with colon and breast cancers is reduced by walking at least 30 minutes a day.

The access to lifetime fitness facilities and exercise programs in gyms, recreation centers and parks is being expanded by community collaboration for residents. There has been also strong cooperation among governments, employers, businesses, medical professionals and service organizations to reduce the number of people with obesity.

Web applications and online programs are being used by consumers to help them lose weight. The use of online forums is increasing as it helps people share their experiences about obesity with others.

Scientists and researchers are allowed by the advent of new technologies to easily study cell and organism functions at the molecular level. In addition, the complex link between metabolism and nutrition will be better understood by the emerging filed of metabolomics, which would be very helpful in treating people with type 2 diabetes.

Advances in technology have been playing a significant role in expanding the ability of humans to treat dangerous diseases and achieve lifetime fitness. However, it will be always important to realize that we should always have a balance life to keep ourselves away from the possible negative consequences of what we do. (c) 2012

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