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There are many promises of weight loss programs that could easily make you lose weight quickly with no or minimal effort. If you encounter these things, it is wise to view them with some skepticism. The truth is that losing weight requires a lot of work that needs determination and will power to get desired results.

Many dieters take weight loss pills thinking that it is an easier way to lose weight while allowing them to continue their unhealthy lifestyle. However, nutritionist and Chef Diane Hendricks says that this thinking is completely not true. She points out that pill, powder or supplement can help accelerate weight loss process but these products cannot substitute healthy eating and physical activity. She adds that weight loss supplements must not be viewed as long-term solution to weight problems.

It is also important to note that not all over-the-counter weight loss products are safe. Some weight loss products are available in pharmacies without being approved and tested. In the U.S., Federal Drug Authority sometimes warns the public to be cautious about unsafe weight loss pills available in the market. Even the most common supplements can have major side effects. Hendricks says that most diet pills have negative implications if use for long term.

There is a weight loss concept today about working out without the need of working out. This is particularly promoted with the modern designs of exercise equipment that facilitates passive exercise. Examples of this equipment are whole body vibration and chi machines. Yes, they can have benefits but only very little and are not sufficient to promote significant weight loss.

Calorie-burning foods are becoming popular and have been debated in the nutrition community but generally, these calorie-burning foods are viewed as myth. The idea is that a certain food, such as celery, can speed up metabolism allowing you to burn more calories faster than normal and eventually lead to weight loss. These foods may increase metabolism rate but they can’t give you significant weight loss, according to Hendricks. (c) 2012


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