The Myth Behind the Low-Calorie Diet

Most people tend to believe that the only way to lose weight for lifetime fitness purposes is cutting the calorie intake.

However, a study conducted by researchers at the Genesis Prevention Center at University Hospital in South Manchester, England revealed that it can be a better approach to restrict carbohydrates for two days weekly instead of typically restricting a calorie diet which most people use for losing weight.

A group of 115 women was studied by the researchers of which all had a family history of breast cancer. Findings show that the risk of having breast cancer is lowered by reducing weight and insulin.

Three groups were created in which a calorie-restricted, low-carbohydrate diet was followed by one for two days a week. An “ad-lib” low-carbo diet was followed by another for two days a week. Eating unlimited protein and healthy fats such as olives, lean meats and nuts for two days was allowed.

Results revealed that the two-day low-carbo diet and the ad-lib diet were effective in decreasing the pounds, insulin resistance and body fat. These two approaches resulted in an average of nine pounds lost, which was better when compared with just 5 pounds on the standard approach.

With the two-day restricted low-carbo diet, there was a 22 percent decrease in insulin resistance while there was 14 percent with the ad-lib diet. There was only 4 percent with the Mediterranean diet shown in the insulin resistance.

A notion was reinforced by the results that it is useless to consistently restrict calories as a means to lose weight for lifetime fitness goals. It would be difficult for you to lose weight once your metabolism is slowed by the restriction of calories.

Adverse effects can occur on your body when you restrict healthy proteins along with high quality fats and oils. This is because a healthy amount to keep the metabolism balanced is required by most people, particularly of European descent.

It would mean that you eat fewer calories over a longer period of time when you eat proper proportions of oils and fats. There is no need for you to always follow the belief that lowering calorie intake would make you thin. Lifetime fitness is hard to get, yet achievable through a proper balanced diet.


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