Sleep Deprivation Prevents Weight Loss

Weight Loss

A study reveals a strong connection between sleep and weight loss. The findings of this study show that sleeping behavior affects how a person can gain or lose weight. In fact, past studies concluded the idea that obesity might be linked to the number of hours that we use to sleep.

weight lossThe study examined the impact of short term sleep deprivation on hunger. The results unveiled that those people who have lack of sleep are more likely to gain weight because of hunger. Sleep deprivation escalated the hungriness of participants, forcing them to eat more because they continued to burn calories while awake. In addition, lack of sleep increased the amount of ghrelin, which is a hormone that promotes hunger. Also, a night without sleeping prevented participants to use more of their energy, contributing to the possiblity that they can become fat because of stored energies. Thus, there was no way for these people to lose weight because they were not only allowing fat levels to grow; they were also increasing the food intake.

The findings of the study wanted to emphasize that a person is likely to eat more calories and prevent weight loss when he is sleep deprived because he can become hungrier. Loss of sleep also means that you are at high risk for having obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Weight Loss

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