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Diets come in any form of foods in meals and snacks. The latest diet tips can help you lose weight but this is only for short-term. The best way of losing weight is effective lifestyle changes. But how to know that the changes you made is effective?

This is where the Diet Center of Wilson can help individuals who want to lose weight with long-term results. The center was opened in February last year. It provides effective and healthy lifestyle changes through teaching people on ways to lose weight. The center boasts onsite cooking center called Cook 2 Live, the place wherein people get the chance to watch the cooking lesson of healthy recipes full of flavor without unnecessary fats and sodium.

Mary Bell found Diet Center of Wilson on the right time. She had high blood pressure before with low back pain and weigh 331 pounds. Her doctor wanted to perform surgery to her because of obesity but she was afraid of surgical procedure.

Her decision to try the Diet Center’s ways of losing weight has apparently paid off. Bell claimed that she lost 86 pounds in a healthy life changing programs.

Nikki Nemers is in-charge in guiding clients like Bell the right eating habits through staying away fat and salt which are very common in every fast food restaurant.

Denise Bradley claimed that she lost 14 pounds since starting applying lifestyle changes which she learned at the center. Bradley said she was very surprised on how much pounds she lost and she almost could not believe the result.

She said that losing weight slow tends to stay off and that also reinforces the habits. She added that healthy habits such as reading food labels, regular exercise and finding ways to add flavors contributed to an enjoyable weight-loss process.

Bradley stressed that diet is not about depriving oneself but it is just realizing healthy lifestyle.

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