Lose Weight With Beer Diet

Drinking beer is a dream diet for some. There are already a lot of people lose weight because of beer diet.

Beer diet is only effective to them when they drink only three beers a day with a snack and lots of water. Many doctors and fitness experts do not agree with this kind of diet but one expert says a libation weight loss plan is nothing new.

Quality lead at Mother’s Brewing Company, Nathan Traw, said that beer is rich in B vitamins. He added that beer has 110 percent of the daily B vitamin intake. Traw becomes upset when he hears people scold beer drinkers for their unhealthy habits.

Traw has done extensive research on the history of beer. He said that beer was already considered as a healthy substitute for meals since ancient Egypt period. During this period, beer was used as a form of payment and a diet to build the pyramids.

Traw stated that Egyptians were given a gallon a day of beer which served as their breakfast and sometimes lunch. He mentioned that they are known for their health and pointed out the difficulty of building the pyramids. He said that if Egyptians could build the pyramid on an all beer diet, then people at present can also do anything they want in the modern world.

Before going into beer diet, it is important to keep in mind that beer has similar ingredients with bread or cereal. Traw said daily pints of beer should be accompanied with daily workout.

You may consult to a doctor about beer diet but do not expect them to agree with it. One doctor said that there are no real nutrients, no protein and no fat.

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