Lifetime Fitness Tips: Ways to Quickly Lose Weight

Many obese people asked their nutritionists and done some research on how to lose weight fast and what lifetime fitness routine to take. If you are obese, you may already came across a variety of diet routines that would make you lose weight fast. Then you tend to follow all of those in one occasion. Actually, you don’t have to do all of those diet tips. All you need is to take a few of those tips and observe the results. Then proceed to other tips once you already used to the first set of tips you applied. In short, to lose weight fast, you do not have to do all the tips you came across. Just take a couple of them about a week and add other tips after every other week. Below are some of those tips.

Minimize your sugar intake. If you like your beverage or food to be sweet, just look for sugar substitutes.

Try Grazing. Try to eat 6 smaller meals instead of 3 fully loaded meals. This is good for digestion and of course, in your diet as you don’t have to eat much.

Go ahead and taste the food you crave. To satisfy your tastebud on foods you avoid, have a taste of those you have craved but only taste. Do not eat a lot. Remember your diet and use that as your motivation.

Monitor your fat intake. A gram of fat has 9 calories so by knowing the total calories of the food you eat, you can have an estimate of the percentage of fat which must not more than 25% of the food.

Minimize salty food. Salt is one of the major causes of obesity. Try to cut your salt intake by half and if it is possible cut it further.

Choose cholesterol free butter rather than table butter. Cholesterol free butter is healthier and tastes the same as table butter. Even though, this is just a small change, it can go a long way towards weight reduction.

Choose baked food over friend ones. As you may already know, baking does not need much oil. So, this makes baked food far healthier than fried food.

Non-stick frying pan could also help you in cooking healthier food. Non-stick pan does not need more oil than traditional pan. So if you can’t avoid fried food, use non-stick frying pan.

If you want vegetables to be cooked, boil them instead of cooking them. This process allows you to eat vegetables without adding anything that can be a hindrance in your weight loss effort.

Find substitute foods for your regular foods that are rich in fat. Basic rule says; if you want to lose fat fast, then do not eat too much fatty foods. So, better find substitutes for your fat-rich foods.

Stay away from crash diets. While this is bad for your health, you can also gain what you have lost every time you take a break. Crash diet is a big no in lifetime fitness routine since no one can live on crash diet for the rest of his or her life. (c) 2012

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