Lifetime Fitness Tips: Shed a Few Pounds by Swapping Sugary Drinks for Water

There are many approaches for an individual to achieve good health, improve wellbeing and look good physically. You may wonder where to begin your lifetime fitness routines with so many approaches available out there. Well, replacing sugary drinks with water is a good start. According to a clinical trial, swapping soda for water really can help lose unwanted or excess body fats.

It is already common advice in lifetime fitness subject that water is better than sweetened drinks especially if you are trying to lose weight. While this piece of advice is logical, there has been no research proving that changing drinking habits alone is effective.

So, in the new study, researchers divided 318 overweight adults to three groups. One group swapped sugary drinks with water, the other replaced with diet beverages and one that received weight loss advice and could make diet changes of their choice.

On average, all groups lost four to five pounds after six months.

But the groups that reduce sugary drinks were more likely to lose at minimum of five percent of their starting weight, 20% as compared to 11 percent of the comparison group.

Lead researcher Deborah F. Tate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill said that a five-percent weight loss is considered “clinically meaningful.”

According to Tate, overweight people who want to shed pounds often find a total diet change too daunting. However, replacing a few sweet drinks for sugar-free alternatives may seem relatively less stressful.

The researchers found that people involved in the study lost, on average, about two percent of their body weight. Researchers said that while the two percent lost is not huge, it is a right start.

Tate said that it is easier to add changes in eating habits after you used to calorie-free drinks.

The findings are based on obese adults who were consuming 280 liquid calories at minimum each day, excluding milk.

The two beverage groups swapped two of those daily drinks with water or diet beverages. The other group was provided general information on weight loss but members have a choice to make their own diet decisions. The three groups met every month and accessed to a group website.

All three groups had the same average weight loss after six months.

However, members of the water group lost more numbers in their blood sugar and blood pressure levels than the diet beverage group.

Tate said that it is not clear why that happened but better hydration levels are seen in the water group which might be the reason why they improved their blood pressure.

Tate said that water might be better than diet drinks for other health reasons. However, diet versions of famous drinks might be easier to stick for long term diet program.

Some earlier studies revealed that higher diabetes risk was found in people who regularly drink diet soda than those who stay away from artificially-sweetened drinks.

However, the reasons for that result are unknown and there is a possibility that diet drinks have no connection with it. (c) 2012


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