Lifetime Fitness Tips: Excess Protein is Converted Into Fat

Many men want to build-up muscles as well as some women. Most of them think that they need more protein intake to achieve their goal but according to Centre for Health professor at the German Sport High School in Cologne, this concept is not correct. Ingo Froboese said that the body should get well balanced diet with sufficient protein during extreme training. But he was quick to stress out that everyday foods contain all the protein that the body needs.

Enough protein is vital part in bodybuilding but ordinary athletes need it too. Between 0.8 and 1 gram of protein per kilogram of bodyweight is enough for a regular sportsperson per day, according to Froboese. He said that anyone who goes beyond the right amount of protein consumption will only end up wasting money and displacing his normal metabolic function towards protein-metabolism. This can cause kidney problem. Froboese pointed out that eating a balance diet is the best thing to do since ordinary food has enough protein that the body needs.

Generally speaking, protein cannot be stored in the body. This is the reason why it should be part of every meal, especially evening meals. During night, human body requires more amount of protein. Froboese noted increased protein intake should only be applied if the body is from extreme form of strain such as running a marathon and doing intense muscle training. The increased protein intake should only between two and four weeks. During these periods, between two and three grams of protein per kilogram of body weight are allowed. After those weeks of increased intake of protein, you should quickly back to a normal level of protein consumption.

Muscle mass increases because of protein structures to each individual muscle fiber. Muscles grow bigger by letting the fiber grow. Training can cause the body to store more protein than normally would. Without training, protein is converted into fat. (c) 2012

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One thought on “Lifetime Fitness Tips: Excess Protein is Converted Into Fat

  • Keith Townsend says:

    I used to eat way too much protein when I was lifting heavy. In the last 5 years i have cut this back like the article says to do and made my meals more rich in protein. Cutting back on the protein shakes. I’ve seen no decrease in muscle mass. Great article!

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