Lifetime Fitness Tip: Weight Control and Calorie Counting

EDMONTON – Most, if not all people, want to look good in bathing suits and shorts. One of the best ways to achieve the look you want is to increase duration and intensity of your regular workouts.

But more importantly, as advised by many personal trainers, count your calories. One of the biggest mistakes is that, as a society, people do not know the caloric value of food. Results of different studies show that many underestimate caloric intake by as much as 20 per cent in a single day.

People start looking at labels and just don’t mind what they learned that the product has 230 calories for 1/3 cup because at first place, they do never have 1/3 cup. That would bring 240 x3 and how many people know this?

Read labels and always go for high-density, nutritious food. Control caloric intake between 1,200 and 1, 600 a day. This method allows you to lose weight.

It only takes a simple formula: Consume fewer calories than your body needs, in other words, work for calorie deficit. Studies suggest that people who take lower calories than needed live longer, skinnier, healthy joints since they do not have to bear extra weight and their organs do not have to work hard.

Weight loss is 20 per cent exercise and 80 per cent caloric intake. You exercise to feel good and you eat to lose weight.

People think that they can burn 600 or 700 calories in an hour aerobics class. Running or walking a mile burns around 100 calories. So, 2, 600 calories will be burned in running a marathon for 26 miles. Approximately 300-400 calories will burn in an hour-long aerobics class.

Free app, such as myfitnesspal, can help you count calories.

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