Lifetime Fitness Presents Weight Loss Diet Myths

According to the estimate released by Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 35.7% of adult Americans are obese as the American obesity epidemic is likely to continue. The estimate may be the evidence that not all weight loss programs are true.

Some are getting confused because of misleading claims and false information which eventually bring discouragement making them to give up on their weight loss objectives. With the many conflicting ideas about weight loss available both online and in traditional sources such as magazines and books, Lifetime Fitness separated truths and myths on weight loss.

Weight Loss Diet Myths
1. Starvation diets can lead to quick weight loss.
Metabolism can be damaged with very-low calorie diets which make them unhealthy. The body gets into hibernation mode when a person consumes too few calories. Hibernation mode would allow the body to store body fat than burn it. Starvation diets may only good if combined with either injections or hCG.

2. Weight loss diet and exercise are the only way to lose weight.
It is always recommended to eat healthy foods coupled with exercise to lose weight but weight loss products such as diet pills can contribute to weight loss on their own. A person can lose weight without diet or exercise by just taking fat burner, carb-blocker or metabolism booster.

3. Taking around 2,000 calories per day is required to lose weight.
The right interpretation on this is that everyone has unique daily calorie requirement. Daily calorie intake is dependent on several factors including age, weight, gender, height and activity level.

4. Salad is always a good meal choice.
Salad often contains high calorie dressing, cheese, dried fruit and croutons. These things can add up 1,000 calories or even more. If you are taking this kind of salad, you may end up taking more calories than a cheeseburger.

5. Vegetarian diet automatically helps weight loss.
Vegetarian diets do not automatically help promote weight loss. These diets are usually high in sugar, carbohydrates and calories. (c) 2012

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