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Have you asked yourself if you can lose weight without eating less? Actually, the answer of your question is yes. Several studies revealed that people tend to eat similar volume of food everyday. Now, the technique in order not to sacrifice eating (volume-wise) is to eat fewer calories food but more volume. This diet method is called volumetrics which was developed by Dr. Barbara Rolls of Pennsylvania State University. She is the author of various books including the upcoming “The Ultimate Volumetrics Diet” which will be available starting April 2012.

Volumetrics is all about understanding calorie density in your diet. Less calorie foods are those with higher water content. Now, you can use these foods as swaps to high calorie ones. To make it clearer to you, Lifetime Fitness provides an easy list of swaps you can start today.

*Replace meat for beans or mushrooms at least once a week. Several studies say that when people swap animal protein to mushrooms or beans, they consume 42 percent fewer calories.

*Switch to real fruit from fruit jelly. Real fruits provide more flavor than fruit jelly as well as fewer calories per bite with more fiber content.

*Go for lightly salted edamame in exchange of pretzels. Edamame provides less than half of calories of what pretzels potentially give to the body.

*Replace potato chips for popcorn. Volumetrics also work visually. Since we see foods first before eating them, seeing a bigger portion tends to be more satisfying even if it has the same number of calories. A serving of popcorn is equal to three cups when popped.

*Choose whole-wheat pasta with steamed vegetables in a marinara sauce over plain pasta in a creamy sauce. This enables you to eat more of the pasta and have more nutrition with fewer calories.

*Select whole orange over orange juice. Juice is a good source of water needed in the body but it is also a source of calories with less to zero fiber. If you do the swap, you will fell much fuller on half the calories.

*Go for a bowl of broth-based soup as appetizer. Studies have shown that people who begin their dinner with a bowl of broth-based soup take 100 fewer calories than normal appetizer.

These are the important and basic swaps you can do to your lifetime fitness routines. Now, you do not need to eat less anymore, all you need to do is to swap foods high in calories to more nutritious and less calories foods. (c) 2012

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