Lifetime Fitness – Do not starve yourself to lose weight

It’s not proper to go on a hunger strike just because you want to solve your obesity conundrums. Exercise, good sleep, and a proper diet are just some of the many lifestyle factors that are of high essence in the rules for obesity as ‘vaata’, ‘pitha’, and kapha deliberated to be the principal elements in one’s constitution in Ayurveda, needs to be balanced flawlessly – Ayurveda researcher and winner of Dhanwatari Award enact by the Kerala government, C.R. Agnives said.

Last Saturday, he was conducting a discourse about the Ayurvedic perspective on obesity at the Global Ayurveda Fest. M.R. Vasudevan Nampoothiri – foregoing Director of Ayurveda Medical Education talked about the importance of Ayurveda dietetics in the supervision of non – communicable diseases (NCD’s). In his lecture, he keened out that the Bhavaprakasha and Charaka Samhitha ancient scriptures pointed improper diet as the central cause of NCD’s. He quoted that “consuming unhealthy foods, taking a meal after the former one just within three hours, and eating precocious food all can be dangerous to a person’s health. In order for digestion to do his duty very well, food must be eaten slowly and that it must be absorbed so that you will feel full”.

To make the statement short, an effective solution to a good health is eating the proper food at the right time – Dr. Namboothiri stated. Tamil Nadu L. Mahadevan, a distinguished teacher – clinician of Ayurveda, discussed in detail regarding the main thoughts of “dhatu” (tissue system), “ritu”, and “dosha” (vatha, pitha and kapha) in Ayurveda and how all these can affect a person’s health, with distinctive reference to hepato biliary diseases.

It was intricated by the Director of Manipal Life Sciences Centre how the body’s DNA – repairing ability abridge with age and how “rasayanas” could assist in DNA amendment and preserving the function of the cells.

Ayurveda as complementary medicine is beginning to become famous in Germany according to Mark Rosenberg – Chief Executive officer, European Academy of Ayurveda from Germany. He voiced out there are now many people becoming worried about holistic health and how Ayurveda was nourishing contemporary medicine cure the body and mind.

Jeevan – an Ayurveda practitioner in Europe for 15 years said that what is very prevalent now in Europe are depression, Metabolic and psychosomatic disorders, and rheumatic ailments. There are now a number of people that are thinking about good health above facile cures. Ayurveda is starting to be well – known due to its holistic nature of healing the body, mind, and spirit to achieve a healthy life.

There were also parallel sessions held about how to cope with NCD’s, degenerative diseases, and liver disorders with special focus of the diseases that really affect women.

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