Leptin Affects Your Weight Loss Efforts

People in this year are expected to shed excess pounds to maintain lifetime fitness. Simultaneously, some would still regain weight despite the fact that many have been successful in losing weight.

Our body is helped by mechanisms to preserve extra pounds as we lose weight. These mechanisms include a decrease in the rate of metabolism speed. In other words, our use of energy is declined, reflecting the eradication of metabolically active tissues and the elimination of additional kilocalories per day.

A paper on January 11, 2012 in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition emphasizes the reduction of metabolism to the point higher than what is expected solely as a weight loss result. For instance, the metabolism may fall by more than 15 percent when there is a 10 percent decline in the body weight. In addition, there would have little consequence before a decrease in energy expenditure if it were easy to maintain a corresponding reduction in the intake of energy to retain a reduced body weight.

Some of the mechanisms would include changes in hormones, such as leptin and thyroxin, affecting the human metabolism and decreased activity in the sympathetic nervous system.

Secreted by fat cells, the hormone leptin acts on the hypothalamus to quicken the metabolism and suppress the appetite. More leptin is produced to help keeping things monitored as the body gains weight and accumulate fats. Levels of leptin will only fall if we lose pounds. This drop could also make a person become hungry.

A reduced satisfaction from the food is one of the ways this can manifest. We tend to feel unsatisfied once we have lost weight for the given type or amount of food. This has the potential to prompt you to eat more.

The paper also assessed how people who had lost weight got affected by the effects of leptin. It found that individuals are able to maintain their metabolism after losing weight through the help of leptin. People can derive more satisfaction for the food given to them when they are on leptin.

Conclusively, if the leptin functions properly, a person is helped in losing weight. However, there is an emerging major aspect in issues on controlling weight. This is known as resistance to leptin in which problems with the functioning of leptin occur.

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