How to Achieve a Healthy Lifestyle When the Holiday Seasons End

SMYRNA, Delaware – Holiday seasons always come every year and people are becoming more persistent to lose the pounds they gained when the holidays go. Summer time arrives and your vow to lose weight and achieve lifetime fitness was never carried out.

According to the state media representative with the Delaware Dietetic Association, Arianne Missimer, this broken promise is seen by athletic trainers and dieticians as a problem that can be always resolved.

A registered dietician and owner of Wilmington-based CORE Fitness, Missimer encourages people to make realistic goals that are attainable as well. She also recommends going to a registered exercise professional or registered dietician to ensure good nutrition and boosted health. In addition, she notes that positive change is facilitated by a positive mindset.
Missimer describes dieting as not a good way of losing weight. She instead suggests a healthy meal plan that suits a health lifestyle.

Missimer says that setting too much high expectations is one of the common mistakes among individuals who are aiming for better shape after the holidays. According to her, the attempt to lose weight can be an unrealistic approach from the beginning since there are negative aspects that come in the mind.

She always believes in the importance of including a variety of healthy choices in planning a meal to have lifetime fitness. She also discourages foods that are high in saturated fats.
Consistency is one important aspect when trying to lose weight. Smyrna-based Anytime Fitness wellness coordinator Trish Keller suggests that a person should always have a passion for something in order to achieve goals in life. Keller, who is also a certified athletic trainer, says that exercise is a healthy style of changing the way you live and that staying with the commitment you make is the best way for you to become more focused.

Manager of Anytime Fitness, Danny Wandless notes that the feeling that going to the gym is a choir could result from trying to overdo something just to lose weight. He advises people to have strong commitment to working out three to four days weekly without focusing on the results from the start. He also suggests everyone to include weight and cardio training.

Consulting a health trainer is perhaps that best you can do in order to get yourself on the right track for lifetime fitness. You should schedule your time with someone who is eligible in making you get a healthy and proper way of losing weight.

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