Four Reasons To Fail in Your Weight Loss Program

Losing weight is not that easy like you think. Though it may sound too easy to do, it requires determination and strong focus in order for it to become successful. In fact, two third of the population in the United States of America are improving their health through diet and lifetime fitness programs while there is only a small number of who are making steps to decrease their size.

According to internal medicine doctor Jessica Bartfield who specializes in weight and nutrition management at the Gottlieb Memorial Hospital of Loyola University Health System, one of the top New Year’s resolutions is losing weight, but successful weight-loss maintenance is achieved only by 20 percent of people.

Dieting to achieve lifetime fitness is similar to playing a musical instrument because it requires good instruction and practice. You will eventually be successful after making some mistakes. As the time goes by, you will get used of it.

Dr. Bartfield says many dieters do not succeed in losing weight because of four reasons.

• Lack of sleep is a leader contributor to gaining weight. Research shows that there are higher levels of ghrelin, a hormone stimulating appetite particularly high-carbohydrate and calorie foods, in people who sleep fewer than six hours. Also, inadequate sleep increases the levels of a stress hormone called cortisol, which can also result in weight gain.

• Improper meal time management also hinders one person to be successful in losing weight. To maintain optimal energy and prevent metabolism rate from decreasing, a steam stream of glucose throughout the day is needed. Easting breakfast every day with one hour of waking up is very important as well as consuming a healthy snack every free to four hours.

• Do not underestimate the calories you consume. Most people tend not to care about the number of calories they are taking in every day. This really disrupts your weight loss program. Always pay attention to what you are eating. If possible, control the portion of meat or any food that you consume.

• Typically, cutting 500 calories daily is needed in order to lose a pound in a week. You should not overestimate the activity and calories being burned. If you really want to be successful in your lifetime fitness goals then you really have to increase activity throughout the day.

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