Fitness Tips: Lose Weight to Enhance Testosterone Levels

Fat burning as part of lifetime fitness routines can help enhance testosterone levels in obese and over weighed middle aged men, a new study discovers. Frances Hayes and team made this research at St. Vincent’s University Hospital has found fat burning being beneficial in improving testosterone levels in middle aged men, up to 50%.

The study was performed on as many as 900 with an average age of 54, who are fat and have had pre-diabetes.

Since obesity is one of the few major factors for low testosterone levels in men, Frances Hayes and team examined the relationship between fat burning and testosterone levels deeply.

The 900 men were split into 3 groups, and were given 3 different treatments to enhance testosterone levels. Two hundred ninety-three (293) of them were encouraged to improve lifestyle routines such as diet and exercise to drop weight, 305 on diabetic medication and 293 men on placebo treatment.

By the conclusion of the study, the men who were on fat burning dropped around 17 pounds, and improved their testosterone levels noticeably.

Frances Hayes, the co-author of the research requested physicians to urge their obese or overweighed patients to include losing weight as part of fitness goals before starting any hormonal treatments or testosterone therapy.

The team presented this study at 94th annual meeting of Endocrine Society, held at Houston, Texas.

Fat burning not only helps men increase their testosterone levels, but also decreases the danger of diabetes, and many weight related health problems.

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