Eating Late Helps Achieve Weight Loss

Lose Weight

People are used to the fact that the more you eat the more you gain. But there are new studies claiming that eating late can still help you lose weight. They undermine what people believe that gaining more pounds results from eating more often.

lose weightThe body of humans is susceptible to burning fat during day and to storing fat during nights. A person would need 12 hours without eating to burn the most fat. That is why it is recommended to manage your consumption of calories accordingly.

Research studies found that eating late can help a person to burn more fat and eventually lose weight. Your muscles and brain need some energy from the calories you eat, while the liver stores the rest calories in the form of glycogen. During night, the glycogen is converted by your body into glucose, which is released into the bloodstream to maintain the levels of blood sugar while you sleep. Once all glycogen stored in the liver is converted, fats cells are burned by the liver to produce energy. Thus, you can burn more fats while sleep. This is contrary to the idea that sleeping after eating late can make a person fat.

Nevertheless, you need to take some considerations when aiming to lose weight. Regular exercise and proper diet are still the best methods to achieve dramatic weight loss.

Lose Weight


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