Cutting Food Into Pieces Can Help Dieters

Lose Weight

A Group of scientists conducted research on the impact of cutting food into pieces on weight loss. The study found out that a person can lose weight by cutting the food that he eats into smaller pieces. The researchers revealed that if the food is cut into pieces, this can appear to be more filling even though it has the same amount of calories.

lose weightAccording to research, people tend to judge the amount of food they are consuming based on how many pieces they eat. The researchers noticed during their research that the laboratory rats prefer to eat smaller amount of pellets after being trained to eat pellets that were divided into pieces. This shows that the rats are likely to lose weight because they eat less. Also, university students who were given a bagel cut into smaller quarters and then ate lunch after 20 to 30 minutes successfully lost more extra pounds when compared to those who were given whole bagel.

One of the leader researchers of the study concluded that people who are in a diet can achieve dramatic results with satisfaction by consuming smaller pieces of energy-dense food. Nevertheless, the study suggested that this method should be combined with proper diet and regular exercise to effectively lose weight.

Lose Weight


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