Artificial Sweeteners Found Harmful in Weight Loss

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If you are fond of using a pack of artificial sugars on your foods or beverages as part of your efforts to lose weight, then it is now time to think twice. The American Diabetes Association and the American Heart Association released a new statement claiming that artificial sweeteners are not only useless, but also harmful to the health when they are used for weight loss purposes.

lose weightThe study notes the possibility of losing extra pounds when replacing regular sugar with fake sweeteners in a diet plan. However, it highlights the lack of solid proofs that these artificial products can help a person lose weight in the long run. The main author of the study adds that those artificial sweeteners are not magic ingredients that can help you achieve dramatic weight loss.

There are been online contents criticizing the range of artificial sugars in the United States because of their potential side effects. Most of the critics claim that you are more likely to become obese because of the chemical compounds that they have. In fact, a website affirms that people using the sweeteners to lose weight are at higher risk of gaining more weight. Not only that, the site adds, it can be very hard for you to lose more extra pounds once you are used to using them.

Warnings about the side effects of artificial sweeteners are being spread all over the web. Videos on YouTube reveal that thousands of people die every year because of the chemical aspartame in fake sugars.

Lose Weight

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