Eat the Healthiest and Cleanest Foods to Lose Weight

If you observe that your hands are swelling or your rings do not fit anymore after a few hours of eating, this probably means you just eat something that can cause inflammation. Don’t let this thing pass off and just think that this happens because you eat too much. If you are not feeling better of inflammation, it is important to know what causes that feeling to know what to avoid.

Many people love to eat pasta but for most people, eating it can lead to a bad feeling afterward. It is advised not to eat pasta to avoid inflammation.

Inflammation can speed up aging because it floods tissues with free radicals and contributes to destruction of normal cells. Also inflammation promotes heart disease, diabetes or cognitive disorders.

The best way to prevent inflammation is to know what food that is highly reactive to you. It is suggested consulting a dietician to know if you are highly reactive to a lot of foods. However, you can do it by yourself. Start by getting your system clean for you to be healthy. To be clean, you don’t need to eat or drink special things, just eat healthy pure foods.

The next step you need to do is to weigh yourself every morning. After weighing, eat something new that might cause you a problem but be sure to eat only one new food. When you check your weight again the next morning, you can determine that you have inflammation if your weight is gone up. Because you only added one food, you will easily know which food causes the inflammation. This will help you know what foods you need to avoid.

You may come to surprise knowing that the foods most people consider as healthy are actually reactive to you and to a lot of people. Greek yogurt is a great example to it. According to most dieticians, Greek yogurt is 85 percent reactive, meaning most people should avoid it. Some of the highly reactive foods on most dieticians’ list include asparagus, tomatoes, cottage and turkey.

Meanwhile, there are also foods that can help reduce inflammation such as lemon juice in water or on salad. It is also essential to drink lots of water. If you do not drink enough water, you may easily gain half a pound. Another benefit in drinking enough water is that it provides more energy. If you love to have lattes a day, stop it, drink more water and you will discover that you can have more energy by doing so.

The bottom line to all of these things is to eat the healthiest and cleanest foods and stay away from labeled low fat diet and stick to healthy pure foods. If you eat so much better, you can lose 10 pounds in a couple of weeks only. Just pay attention to your body and test a variety of foods to learn what works for you and what you just can’t eat.

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