Limit Your Workout Time

People often spend more time in the gym because they believe they can easily transform their body into better shape. However, what they do not often realize is the importance of limiting their time they spend in they gym. Lifetime fitness does not require you to push yourself or spare a lot of your time doing your workout routines in the gym. You only have to make ways just to reach the gym and exercise in just a limited time.

You can have greater chances for becoming fit and for having a healthy body with just a little time in the gym. You can just spend 45 minutes to accomplish your fitness goals. The more time you spend in the gym, the more you injure yourself. There are no shortcuts when it comes to workout. Just take it slow but surely. Do not rush yourself just to see quick results. Remember, it is bad to make rush decisions without thinking the consequences first.

If you want to build muscles, you should set time for a workout. However, building muscles does not mean longer time in the gym. You just need to hit the vital spots in your body to see greater results. Also, you have to follow proper workout instructions and healthy diet. Importantly, you know when to stop to allow your muscles to rest for a while.…

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The Value of Stretching in Lifetime Fitness

Many people believe that they should push themselves to their limitation if they want to improve. However, it is different when it comes to lifetime fitness. It takes time to become healthy. You should start slow and do the right things accordingly.

If you are a beginner in muscle building, it is better to ask first for advice from your doctor on the condition of your body. It is important because being careless and rush only leads you to muscle injuries and pain. You should remember that you are doing this because you want to build more muscles to become physically fit, not to injure yourself.

When speaking of running, there are some points to consider before you start. It is very necessary to wear proper shoes because it helps your to avoid leg strains. You should stretch and take a walk before running. There are some people who are so eager to run, but left injured afterwards because their body was not prepared for an intense activity. They often forget the value of stretching and warm-up.

Moreover, give your body the proper time to adjust for a new exercise routine. Always remember that the body needs time to rest and to recover from the intense activity. You should not push if it cannot take anymore because your lifetime fitness efforts would only become useless if you are already disabled.…

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Incorporating Weights to Cardio Workout is a Good Start to Lose Weight

Like most people, the 46-year-old woman Elisabeth Graff already lost and gained excess weight many times. Graff said that she has an active lifestyle but still has a problem on her weight despite trying everything.

When she started exercising at the gym, she first tried floor aerobics. However, she did not achieve desired results. She then consulted to her friends and staff members including the mind and body coordinator of the Cox Fitness Centers, Mollie McGinnis. After that, she decided to incorporate weight training into her lifetime fitness routine. After a couple of months, she achieved good results.

Treadmills, ellipticals and bikes are packed during the busiest times in the gym. These exercises provide proven benefits. However, McGinnis said that the most effective program to lose fat is to connect cardiovascular workouts and weight training.

Graff already lost 54 pounds, dropping from a size 18 to size 14, since adding weightlifting routine to cardio workout.

McGinnis said that too much cardio is not good for the body without giving the muscular side of it because imbalance will happen. Cardio exercises burn more calories compared to strength or weight training activities but that calorie burn dwindles quickly. Meanwhile, after weight training, the body needs to repair muscles, which results to a longer calorie burn.

McGinnis added that a person can burn a higher caloric weight up to four hours after a weight training routine.

The body uses stored fats during muscle repair and cardio activity burns recently consumed calories. Graff said that incorporating weights to cardio workout is a good start to lose weight.…

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Lifetime Fitness | Kickboxing as Workout Routine

Many years ago, kickboxing was only known as defense sport or routine and only professional boxers trained with it. However, kickboxing has evolved into muscle-sculpting and fat-burning workout routine. Many health experts also suggest kickboxing as a great form of cardio exercise.

Before starting training with kickboxing, it is important to get doctor’s clearance, especially if you are over 55 years old or have a medical history. Once you have clearance to proceed with kickboxing, be sure to perform it in gradual manner. Don’t rush thing to be like professional kick boxers. Keep in mind that they developed their skills over a long period of time.

Kickboxing is great as cardiovascular fitness and unlike other popular cardio activities; it works the whole body while hitting hard the core muscles. It also burns more calories than jogging or walking as well as provides more fun as you can perform different moves.

You can incorporate kickboxing in your overall lifetime fitness regimen. If your primary focus is kickboxing, do it anywhere from 4 to six times a week and if you are into a lot of weight training and cardio exercise do it 2 to 3 times a week for best results. You may also do it during your off days as your post weight workout. The duration varies on your fitness level. For unfit, it is advised to do it for 15-20 minutes and for someone who is really fit, 30-60 minutes will be the ideal duration.

Be careful when doing kickboxing at home. Fancy high kicks can be dangerous if you fall on the hard floor. For safety reasons, it is ideal to just do low kicks and punches. Just remember that you are doing kickboxing as cardio exercise not for self- defense. If you want to learn defense, get sparring partners.

After learning basic moves in kickboxing, you may do a lot of combinations as many as you want to add up some challenge. (c) 2012…


Muscle Building Ideas for Lifetime Fitness

lifetime fitness

Building more muscles is perhaps one of the challenging things when it comes to achieving lifetime fitness goals. Many have been looking for ways that could help them build more muscles quickly. It is a common belief that having more muscles clearly depicts how healthy a person is. By achieving more muscles, the level of fat and calories in the body is low. Thus, this is an indication of a healthy body as well as a healthy mind.

Provided below are some fitness tips that are intended to help you build more muscles and improve physical fitness.

Health Diet Maintenance: Having a healthy diet is one of the things that you should ensure to have a strong body. Try consuming protein shakes as they are very beneficial when rebuilding muscle fibers.

Proper Exercise and Workout: Many have been diving into workout routines to expand their muscles. Exercises and workouts are great for muscle building. However, it is very important to maintain good forms to prevent any injuries and body pains.

Lifetime fitness does not only require you to have a strong body through having more muscles, but also a healthy mind. All fitness tips are useless if your mind are not working very well. Studies show that healthy mind helps a person to perform better in their tasks. Thus, it is very important to strive hard for better shape while maintaining a conditioned mind.…

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A Healthy Way to Prepare Yourself Before Workout

In the past, people are fond of eating whatever they want, but when it comes to working out, you must be knowledgeable enough of what nutrition you should have before diving yourself into the gym. There are some points to consider when you workout, most especially when you aim to accomplish your lifetime fitness goals.

It is very important to be always prepared before doing an intense workout. Below are some useful tips that are best recommended for your pre-workout nutrition.

Consuming the meal in enough time is the key to any good method or approach for pre workout nutrition. An intra-workout drink should not be always opted, though the fitness and performance nutrition landscape is often dominated by sport supplement business and its advertising. Choosing a healthy lifetime fitness diet may depend on your reaction to whole food.

For your pre-workout nutrition, protein is just a main contributing factor. A whey protein that has additional amino acids is best for your body and muscles. It is good to have 20-30 grams of whey protein before working out. Consuming additional amino acids helps you prevent fatigue and injuries during your training session. Also, you must be always sure that you do not have any stomach problems when eating any type of protein source to ingest for pre-workout.

Some people may have issues with oatmeal because they tend to feel sluggish after consuming it. For good results, try going for 40 grams of oatmeal. But if the oatmeal will not do for you, try switching to slower-digesting carbohydrates foods such as sweat or white potatoes or just small amount of fruits. You must know that your body is prevented from converting stored fat into energy when you have too many carbohydrates for pre-workout. You can easily feel fatigue, slow or sluggish if the amount of carbohydrates in your body is high.

Moreover, there are some studies related to lifetime fitness that show that fat loss is increased when you have a pre-workout peanut butter. Importantly, you keep your body fat to low level. Working out always needs preparation for it can be very risky if you are just so rush without thinking of what possible consequences may occur.…


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